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  • Camp shirts are required to be worn everyday

  • Flip flops and shoes with open toes/backs or sandals are not permitted.

  • Please do not come to camp if you are sick.

  • Turn in all medications to the nurse.

  • Stay with your assigned unit.

  • Take home whatever is left from your lunch home daily.

  • The lake and creek are off limits at all times.

  • Use the buddy system around camp.

  • Stay on the trails when hiking with your unit.

  • No electronic devices, including cell phones.

  • Campers should notify their unit leader immediately if an adult without identifying items attempts to contact them.


Additional Camp Information:


  • If your camper arrives late, please check them in at the Craft Shed.

  • If your camper needs to be picked up early, please sign them out at the Craft Shed.

  • If your camper will not be in camp for whatever reason please notify your daughter's unit leader that day between 8 am and 9 am, or by a note in advance.  

  • All campers are covered by a Girl Scout accident insurance policy. This policy does not cover sickness, poison oak, etc.

  • Emergency cancellation or change: If an emergency occurs that forces the closure of camp, every effort will be made to contact parents/guardians to pick up their children. If the emergency is such that camp must be evacuated, all campers will be transported to Harmony Elementary School, 17404-A NE 18th St., Vancouver.

  • Whenever possible, parents will be notified of cancellations or changes by phone prior to the camp day. The ranger's phone number at camp for emergencies only is (360) 834-3384.

  • Visitors will not be allowed on camp grounds during the camp week.

  • Camper Overnight: Girl Scouts 4th grade and older will be offered an overnight on Friday night.  Overnight campers need to be picked up by 10:00am on Saturday 

  • In addition, Counselors-in-Training (CIT), Program Aides (PA) and Program-Aides-in-Training (PAIT) will be offered evening activities on Wednesday. Suggested equipment lists will be sent home during camp week.

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