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Camp Currie Overnight Camping List

  • Warm sleeping bag and warm blankets if bag is light

  • Pillow

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Day pack/Backpack to carry bug spray, sunscreen, etc., around camp

  • Flashlight with extra batteries/Glow sticks

  • Toiletries:

    • Toothbrush and toothpaste

    • Lip balm

  • Hairbrush or comb

  • Hair ties (must be able to tie hair back for cookout)

  • Clothing: (layers)

    • One change of clothing

    • Sweatshirt 

    • One pair warm pajamas

    • Beanie

    • Closed toed shoes

    • socks

 Optional:Tents are popular with campers and for those who do not have tents, the campers may share

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